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With few exceptions, state, regional, and municipal academies of science were established after the founding of AAAS in 1848; a number of them with AAAS assistance.  In 1927, an Academy Conference was authorized by the AAAS Council to serve as a standing committee on relations among the affiliated academies and between all of them and the AAAS. In 1969, the name of the Academy Conference was changed to the National Association of Academies of Science (NAAS).
Forty-four of forty-seven academies affiliated with AAAS are members of NAAS. The governing body of the NAAS is composed of two representatives from each academy, and the NAAS has two delegates on the AAAS Council.

Mission and Programs
The NAAS facilitates the exchange of information between member academies and provides assistance for the formation of new academies. The NAAS has strong interest in the work of junior and collegiate academies of science and in encouraging young people interested in science. NAAS student activities include:

Annual Meeting Participation
NAAS volunteers organize the American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) convention, which is held in conjunction with the AAAS Annual Meeting. Each state academy of science nominates delegates to the American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) convention. The AJAS delegates present scientific papers at a poster session and participate in activities that are tailored to the interest of high school age scientists. The AAAS provides meeting rooms and reduced registration fees to the AJAS delegates and their chaperones. Additional information on becoming a delegate to the AJAS conference and guidelines for submitting abstracts can be found at

Research Grants
To improve research in the sciences by secondary school students, AAAS provides funds to NAAS member academies to support research by secondary students. Typically, ten to twelve small grants are awarded each year.

Honorary AAAS Memberships
Annually, each NAAS member academy nominates two secondary school and two college students for one-year honorary junior memberships in the AAAS. As members of the AAAS, the students receive Science each week for a year and a certificate of membership.

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