Public Science Day Activities

This year, AAAS was pleased to sponsor Public Science Day activities for in school and out of school students from the Boston area. The events for Public Science Day involved collaboration with the Boston Museum of Science, Boston and Cambridge School Districts, TERC, several aftershool programs, and reached more than 2,500 students and families.

On Public Science Day, the Museum of Science hosted 2000 students ranging from kindergarten through 9th grade. Prior to the event, museum educators spent several days working with teachers and students to prepare them for their trip. The activities were designed to enrich and support the current curriculum for each grade level, and included resources and follow-up materials for teachers. The activities ranged from participating in the Human Body Connection/Sun Lab Exhibits to a question-and-answer session with Leon Lederman, renowned physicist and Nobel Laureate.

In the afternoon, TERC designed an array of activities to show that science and mathematics are “everywhere you look." Five hundred students from aftershool programs participated in the event, which included exploring satellite pictures and photographs of earth, using the powers of observation and estimation to design a catapult, and experiments to study life in outer space and the presence of water on Mars.

This wonderful opportunity for collaboration provided an excellent example of the ways resources across the city can come together. Public Science Day in Boston created an exciting experience that truly highlighted the role that science and mathematics play in our lives.



Science Netlinks: Web Resources for ScienceTeachers

The staff at Science NetLinks has done it again! We have added lots of new and interesting science lessons to the site, and have developed a great new teacher resource: our Tools section.

The Tools section is our latest addition to the host of Science NetLinks resources for teachers -- a myriad of web resources designed to truly enhance their science lessons. The Tool Index allows you to quickly and efficiently identify some of the best online experiences and sort them by benchmark, grade level, or title.

Science NetLinks is constantly adding new material and updates. Contact us with your suggestions or join our newsletter to stay current with all the latest materials and resource


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