DST-AAAS Science Radio
Journalism Fellowship

In South Africa, radio is the primary source of news and information, more popular than TV or newspapers. However, stories about science, engineering, and technology have only a faint presence on South African airwaves.

That's why AAAS has joined with the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) to offer training and support for professionals who are planning careers in science journalism or science broadcasting. As participants in the DST-AAAS Science Radio Journalism Fellowship, South African scientists and journalists spend one month in residence with the AAAS radio program, Science Update. During that time, the Fellows learn the basics of radio journalism, meet with reporters and editors, and produce original science stories with assistance from the Science Update staff. The training is designed to give them the skills to continue writing and producing upon their return to South Africa. The project will support a total of 15 Fellows over three years.

Your Genes, Your Choices

Written for a lay audience, Your Genes, Your Choices, provides accurate information about the Human Genome Project and genetic research in an easy-to-read and understand style and format. Each chapter in the book begins with a brief vignette, which introduces an issue within a human story, and raises a question for the reader to think about as the basic science and information are presented in the rest of the chapter. Now in its second edition, Your Genes, Your Choices has been widely disseminated in print and online. It has also been translated into several other languages, including Spanish and Icelandic.


Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program

Another exciting year is ending for the Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program. This year 23 Fellows were placed at mass media organizations throughout the country for summer and fall fellowships. Placements included newspaper, magazine, radio and television sites. The Fellows were outstanding in every respect and represented various academic disciplines, educational institutions and geographic locations.

The Fellows traveled to Washington, DC, in early June to take part in a three-day orientation program. A reception was given in their honor during the first day of activities and was attended by several sponsors, host-site mentors, alumni and AAAS staff. They also participated in several workshops and discussions including “Science Writing,” “How To Pitch A Story,” and “Interviewing Techniques." On the last day of orientation, the Fellows toured National Public Radio (NPR) headquarters and participated in a discussion headed by Hyman Field, Senior Advisor for Public Understanding of Research at the National Science Foundation (NSF).

At the conclusion of the 10-week summer program, the Fellows returned to AAAS to attend a wrap-up session. Fellows shared their experiences with each other, site mentors, sponsors and AAAS staff through brief introductions and poster sessions. To assist the Fellows in future science-writing and scientific endeavors, the Fellows participated in “Where Can You Go From Here” and “Alumni Paths and Possibilities” workshops.

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