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Science + Literacy for Health Human Genome Project Advisory Board

Ruth Allen
Cornell Cooperative Extension
New York City Programs

Jeffrey Botkin
Genetics Science in Society Program
Eccles Institute of Human Genetics

Dan Burk
George Mason University School of Law

Ron Cole-Turner
Memphis Theological Seminary

Robert Cook-Degan
National Academy of Sciences

Mark Frankel
Science and Society Programs

Joseph D. McInenery

David Micklos
DNA Learning Center
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Robyn Nishimi
Association for Paralyzed Veterans

Joan Weiss
Alliance of Genetic Support Groups

Project Staff

Maria Sosa, Project Director
Judy Kass, Outreach Director
Tracy Gath, Project Associate
Elizabeth Spring, Project Assistant
Valerie Worthington, Project Assistant
Mary C. Chobot, Consultant

Table of Contents | About the Author

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