This Web Site is brought to you by the Parents Involved/Pigeons Everywhere Project (PIPE), a collaboration of: 


    The American Association for the Advancement of Science  


    KCET Television  

    Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell University 


    It is funded by the National Science Foundation


    About PIPE 

    The Parents Involved/Pigeons Everywhere Project (PIPE), is field-testing, evaluating and disseminating materials targeted to involve parents and other in their children's science education. The project offers informal science institutions and community groups a set of strategies and materials to aid them in their parent involvement efforts. 

    PIPE uses specific science content that is tied to the National Science Standards to model appropriate and effective parental involvement strategies. As part of the process the participants learn how to apply skills that they learned to any scientific information that either they or their children will be exposed to in the future. 


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