Below are links to information about educational research topics of interest to parents and caregivers.


The Nation's Report Card   (the academic performance of fourth, eighth, and twelfth graders  in a range of subjects. )

Education Statistics at a Glance  (from the U.S. Department of Education)

Parent, Family, and Community Involvement in the Middle Grades  (ERIC Digest)

Preventing and Resolving Parent-Teacher Differences  (ERIC Digest)

Grandparents as Parents: A Primer for Schools (ERIC Digest)

When Retention Is Recommended, What Should Parents Do?  (ERIC Digest)

Parent Engagement as a School Reform Strategy  (ERIC Digest)

The Challenges of Parent Involvement Research (ERIC Digest)

He Has a Summer Birthday: The Kindergarten Entrance Age Dilemma  (ERIC Digest)

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