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NSF GK-12 International Activities

Guidelines for Planning an International Component

Prior to pursuing a supplement for an international component, GK-12 PIs should complete the following requirements:

  • Identify country or areas for GK-12 international partnership;
  • Specify the NSF-supported STEM disciplines for collaboration as well as describe the involvement of the STEM disciplinary research advisor(s);
  • Establish U.S. and international partnerships and collaborations to support activities abroad by obtaining appropriate letters of support and biographical sketches;
  • Determine international research activities for participating GK-12 graduate fellows and teachers;
  • Describe potential benefits for fellows and teachers;
  • Describe the procedures and arrangements, including a timeline, for sending fellows and teachers to the international research sites;
  • Plan pre-departure activities for fellows and teachers (e.g., expectations and outcomes, cultural and language training opportunities, information about the international partners and their points of contact, and assistance with travel and medical documents, where appropriate);
  • Develop a budget not to exceed $100,000, with a detailed justification of resources;
  • Organize international partners to facilitate onsite orientation for U.S. participants; and
  • Describe the involvement of the STEM disciplinary research advisor(s).

During the international research experience, GK-12 PIs should ensure the following:

  • Participants are provided with onsite orientation;
  • Research is emphasized; and
  • Participants document activities, research, and knowledge gained.

After the international research experience, GK-12 PIs should extend the international experience in the following ways:

  • Provide opportunities for GK-12 graduate fellow and teacher teams to disseminate knowledge and information gained from the international experience; and
  • Work toward establishing/maintaining future international research collaborations.

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