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Rural Alliance for Improving Science Education
Oklahoma State University

As a former public school teacher and now a graduate fellow, I have a unique perspective into the benefits of the GK12 program. The competitive edge that it provides students is immeasurable. Our project exposes students to GIS, a technology that is increasingly in demand. Students can attain a new perspective for their otherwise static school subjects. The GK12 program teaches skills to college and non-college bound students. Our program teaches skills that would normally be acquired in a university setting; students who are not pursuing higher education gain abilities that extend beyond their high school diploma. Those students who plan to attend college enter with experience and knowledge above and beyond that of their peers. For graduate students, the program opens our eyes to a world outside of academia. It reminds us that education is truly interdisciplinary—science needs the support of math, and math requires the ability to communicate clearly (English). Involvement with the program helps to create well-rounded professionals. Whether we move into the business world or continue in an academic setting, the GK12 program allows graduate students to educate and to be educated with real world applications.

Project URL: http://www.geog.okstate.edu/RAISE/

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