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Georgia Institute of Technology

Educational partnerships created between institutions of higher education and K-12 educational communities are complicated entities that defy easy assessment. Good partnerships have a tendency to grow and develop in wholly unanticipated directions, forming networks and having effects far beyond the scope of the initial project. This growth is the basis for a partnership that can be sustained beyond the time limits of the initial project's external funding and also has a direct impact on whether GK-12 graduate Fellows, placed at those schools, can effectively work in, and impact, K-12 education. Using mathematical graph analysis and social science network theory, Georgia Tech has begun a network analysis of their GK-12 partnerships to track partnership growth, health, and structure. Our study has shown solid growth from Year 1 to Year 3 of the GK-12-based partnership between Georgia Tech and a 99% African American metro-Atlanta high school. Not coincidentally, the year before the partnership formed, only six students from the school applied to Georgia Tech, one was accepted, and that student enrolled. After Year 4 of the partnership, 18 students applied to Georgia Tech, eight were accepted, and six enrolled.

Project URL: http://www.cetl.gatech.edu/services/step/overview.htm

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