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Graduate Student-University-School Collaborative for Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
North Dakota State University

Fellows report career preparation benefits: "I am strengthening my career path by gaining a much better understanding of the basics of what my job will be. I spend a lot of time working with concepts I have not worked with since my freshman year. I feel that I have a lot more ability to deal with the basics. I also have a much better understanding of how to convey my ideas to other people." The project helps enrich the curriculum. Fellows provide a rich experience in the classroom with practical applications for science and math concepts. An engineering fellow says: "There are many topics that I have covered in the classroom that are cutting-edge, or beyond what would normally be covered. I explained the operations of anti-lock brakes and their relation to friction. I have given presentations about vehicle crash testing and related it to momentum and energy concepts. I've challenged the students to think beyond the coursework and to imagine (how the concepts that they learn could be applied)." Positive results are recognized by all: Fellows gain an appreciation for the challenges of education and reap benefits in stronger content knowledge and communication skills. Teachers gain content knowledge while being exposed to current trends and applications in STEM fields. Students gain a deeper understanding of important concepts and interact with a "resident expert" on a regular basis.

Project URL: http://www.ndsu.edu/grasus/

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