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Partnership for Research Opportunities to Benefit Education (PROBE)
University of New Hampshire

In recent presentations, Fellows report increased understanding of scientific areas outside of their research or graduate training. The genetics Fellow has learned physics, the geology Fellow more astronomy, and the zoology Fellow more chemistry. Fellows remark that they had felt their backgrounds in these areas were very weak, but with help from other Fellows and teachers, their knowledge has increased. Fellows have included their teaching experiences as outreach scholarship benefits that have enhanced their research, contributed to their departments as others learn about science at the high school level, and shared common misconceptions about science. Their ideas about inquiry teaching have strengthened as they suggest changes in protocols, and as other share challenges in student engagement. The Fellows give presentations about their research and freely share their expertise with other Fellows and teachers for developing innovative activities. Fellows coach students with authentic questions for developing research projects. Everyday they integrate their knowledge and critical thinking skills into the teaching and learning of science. One district reported that last year’s PROBE students are demonstrating greater success in experimental design than students in non-PROBE classes. Fellows describe their work as "creative, challenging, and sometimes hard” as they “need to stretch outside of their own disciplines to make connections." They appreciate "using inquiry fluently in the design of activities" and that “the analysis of another fellow’s teaching gives them perspective on their own.”

Project URL: http://leitzelcenter.unh.edu/GK12/home.htm

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