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MUSIC-Math Understanding through Science Integrated with Curriculum
Duke University

Since 1999, 108 undergraduate and 38 graduate Teaching Fellows have served over 6500 students in 19 public schools in seven counties in NC through 2 GK12 programs at the Pratt School of Engineering (Duke-NCSU Engineering Teaching Fellows in Elementary Education, 1999-2002 and Math Understanding through Science Integrated with Curriculum [MUSIC], 2004-present). Fellows assist teachers with creation/delivery of lessons and activities integrating math, science and cutting edge engineering content. Impacts on all participating fellows include: improved leadership, communication, time management, organizational and lesson planning skills. Of particular importance was the opportunity to practice rethinking of complex concepts and explaining them in age-appropriate terms to K-12 students--a salient career skill for engineers since real-world jobs require simple communication of complex ideas. Fellows also reported in-depth learning of engineering content due to teaching it in a hands-on mode as well as re-scaling it for younger students, both assets for academic careers. After experiencing our new inquiry-based training program, fellows have requested that their engineering classes include inquiry-based instruction, which has impacted the redesign of the undergraduate electrical and computer engineering curriculum. An additional fellow impact included improved content knowledge outside of the engineering disciplines. All fellows cited increased awareness of the importance of K-12 education, with 80% reporting a desire for future involvement with K-12 schools.

Project URL: http://www.k-phd.duke.edu/music/

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