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Advancing Geospatial Skills in Science and Social Science
Texas A&M University

Spatial thinking and geospatial technology is a key area of innovation and interest to the Advancing Geospatial Skills in Science and Social Science (AGSSS) program. We have focused on projects that expand and further develop the nascent spatial skills of middle and high school students. Our program has found technology-based curriculum support programs such as ISS EarthKAM, Community Atlas, Mission Geography, and Google Earth extremely valuable. The AGSSS program uses these geospatial technologies as the engine to drive the development of spatial thinking skills within the environment of traditional science and social science curricula. We have seen tools such as geographic information systems (GIS) aid students in discovering the world for themselves and give them confidence in their own cognitive abilities. Recent activities that employ these technologies and strategies include (1) image acquisition from the International Space Station to explore surface landforms through ISS EarthKAM, and (2) using GIS to map and analyze global human and resource distributions.

Project URL: http://agsss.tamu.edu

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