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Science and Math Partnership
Columbia University

The Science and Math Partnership links New York City middle-school teachers with graduate research fellows in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. The teaching and learning teams focus on the shared design and delivery of a STEM syllabus that (1) is rich in content and pedagogy, and (2) incorporates new technologies, real-life applications, current research, and college preparation with the aesthetic, historical and civic aspects of science. Beyond regular classroom visits, fellows facilitate biannual workshops for teachers and conduct university field trips and extracurricular activities for students. A planned Graduate Center will address the combined research, teaching and service experience of all graduate students, and will fortify institutional networks that include Columbia’s many schools and Teachers College. As underscored by our graduate Fellows, skills in STEM communication and inquiry are easily transferable to all K-21 environments: “The way I communicate with people when I try to describe what I do as a mathematician, and the way that I am able to teach someone about various mathematical concepts has greatly improved”; “It has been invaluable to me to understand that I speak a different language and that communication is the key to disseminating information effectively.” An emerging role in K-12 science and math education in New York and a renewed institutional commitment to graduate education are the most significant outcomes of our program.

Project URL: http://smp.chem.columbia.edu/

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