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NSF North Mississippi GK-8
University of Mississippi

Thirteen fellows from 8 disciplines: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geological Engineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering, and Economics work together on two interdisciplinary teams, one for participating elementary schools, and one for middle schools. The program is teacher driven in that project requests come from them, and tied to the state standards. Fellows develop materials in a cycle of evaluation that includes peers and teachers. The programís structure allows us to influence the maximum number of students and to have a long-term impact on the STEM content presented in the schools. The fellows grow in their ability to function as part of a multidisciplinary team, to relate the technical content of their field to students and teachers, and in their desire to participate in similar activities after graduation. Fellows profess that they feel honored to participate in the GK12 program. Each one has indicated that they will volunteer at local schools after their fellowship is over to continue enhancing the K-12 curricula. Many fellows whose career plans involve teaching at the college level have declared that they would like to write proposals to enhance curricula in the local schools.

Project URL: http://smartweed.olemiss.edu/nmgk8/

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