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TASK GK-12 Program
University of Alaska Fairbanks

This GK12 program joins UAF and several school districts located throughout Alaska. The diversity and location of Alaska’s student population provides for a unique and challenging program. By working with a single school for a full academic year, graduate and undergraduate Fellows are able to provide direct scientific assistance to a Partner Teacher while learning and using a wide variety of teaching methods and communication techniques to connect with culturally varied student populations. This experience will enable Fellows to more fully understand cultural differences in the scientific community as well. One unique aspect of our program is to provide education to K-12 teachers and students in areas in which certification for teachers is not currently available in Alaska. For example, all students are exposed to technology, but standards for training the students in safe use of technological resources are not yet standard practice in schools. Our partnership with the ASSERT Center (funded by NSF-CISE) allows TASK Staff and Fellows to create and present ASSERT modules to local students in order to increase teacher and student awareness of technological issues. ASSERT modules include: Safe Web Browsing, Password Security, Mathematics of Passwords, Introduction to Computer Forensics, Introduction to Network Security, Introduction to Cryptography, Introduction to Steganography, and Computer Security. More information can be found at http://www.task.uaf.edu or from fytask@uaf.edu.

Project URL: http://www.task.uaf.edu

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