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Graduate and Undergraduate Students Enhancing Science and Technology in K-12 Schools
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

We have concluded the first year of our Track II award. Three initiatives form the coherent link between the GK-12 fellows and the K-12 schools: (a) Sciences on Wheels that promotes the study of science by presenting demonstrations, (b) Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) that integrates a set of protocols and environmental measurements into the curriculum, and (c) Calculator Based Laboratory (CBL), which uses graphing calculators and sensors to infuse mathematics, science, and technology into curricular activities. The GK-12 fellows are trained in activities and leadership, which provide them the tools to lead (a) weeklong workshops, (b) Saturday academies, and (c) weekly visit to schools. For the past 10 months the 11 fellows, working in teams of two, have trained 195 teachers and provided hands-on, inquiry experiences to 3,787 K-12 students (2151 females and 1633 males), who became proficient in GLOBE and CBL activities through the scientific method through 177 visits to schools. The fellows also present their research projects and organize visits to their laboratories for the young students. These activities have increased the number of seniors from the targeted schools who enter programs at the university. For example, during the last four year, 64 fellows trained 1,204 teachers and 13,029 students increasing from 31% to 48% the students who have been accepted to the Chemistry Department. The model is a direct impact of the GK-12 fellows on the future of university education.

Project URL: http://sonw.uprm.edu/

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