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The PRISM Project: Enhancing Science and Math Education
Illinois State University

A major outcome is the creation of the annual Central Illinois Regional High School Science and Math Research Poster Symposium. This provides a unique opportunity for Fellows to teach basic principles of research and for high school students to participate in research and share their work with Illinois State professors and graduate students. Each student designs and presents a poster that includes an introduction, hypothesis, methods, data and results, analyses and conclusions, and a bibliography. Presentations are in the Science Laboratory Building on campus and judged by faculty and graduate students. Fellows teach the basic premises of scientific and mathematical research to teachers and students in the spring semester and help the young people prepare their posters. These are skills that the fellows can translate to their future research productivity. Fellows also gain experience in judging posters and critically analyzing data. The Fifth Annual Symposium was held on April 28, 2006.

Project URL: http://www.gk12.ilstu.edu

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