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Low Country Partners for Inquiry
College of Charleston, Medical University of SC

The development of the fellow-teacher pairs has been amazing to observe over the years as their content knowledge and teaching practices grow and improve. At the end of Year I, they were able to: communicate clearly with each other and to their students, write AND implement inquiry-based lesson plans, and teach in a constructivist manner compatible with the nature of science. The skills of fellow teacher-pairs who continued with the program for two years grew stronger. They were able to develop, implement, AND explain the content and teaching methods to others. Their flexibility allowed them to change partners and continue to be productive. They could critically examine their teaching to determine its effect on students (action research). Some fellow-teacher pairs remained together into Year III. In our continuing renewal (Year IV), fellow-teacher pairs are now providing professional development opportunities for educators in their schools and district who are not part of the GK12 program. Assessment of these presentations indicates that the non-GK12 teachers found the PD to be informative, pertinent, and productive (useful). Finally, the GK12 teacher-fellow pairs have presented their finding at national conferences and submitted articles for publication.

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