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CATTS - Collaboration to Advance Teaching Technology and Science
University of Arizona

Laura Carsten was a CATTS/GK-12 fellow during academic year 2003-2004. Last year she proposed a new project on campus, Insect Discovery. Not only did she develop and organize the project, she also obtained financial support from two different university departments. Laura also worked with local school district personnel to fit her project into the science curriculum. Insect Discovery also piloted a new way of using undergraduates. They are preceptors and get university class credit for their work in the project. Laura teaches the class. Another former GK-12/CATTS fellow is currently planning a new project in engineering. This fellow was an undergraduate student and is currently a graduate student at the University of Arizona. These two initiatives not only demonstrate the knowledge and commitment to K-12 science education gained by fellows as a result of their participation in GK12, but also show how the university can benefit from GK-12. The institution has gained new and inventive outreach projects developed by experienced, enthusiastic graduate students. These fellows are not waiting until after graduation to make a difference in K-12 science education.

Project URL: http://www.ag.arizona.edu/catts

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