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Collaborative Classroom-based Inquiry
University of California Davis

The Collaborative Classroom Based Inquiry (CCBI) project connects graduate and undergraduate student Fellows with K-12 mathematics and science teachers who are conducting teacher research. Fellows' responsibilities include: providing direct assistance to K-12 teacher researchers; participating in teacher research group meetings at school sites; and attending weekly seminars designed to provide background and skills related to qualitative research and K-12 education, as well as a forum for feedback and reflection. Measurable objectives of the project include impacts on the Fellows and teachers. Data from focus group interviews, surveys, and journal entries have indicated that participation in CCBI has influenced Fellows' understanding of effective teaching practice and student learning as well as career preparation and choices. Teachers have benefited from the content expertise of the Fellows via enriched curricula and having experienced researchers as part of their teacher research team.

Project URL: http://ccbi.ucdavis.edu/project.html

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