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John Mannette,
NSF Teaching Partner

NSF GK-12 Project: University of Maine
Track II: GK-12 Sensors!
URL: http://www.eece.maine.edu/research/gk12/

Partner School: Bucksport High School,
Bucksport ME

Degree: B.S., Biochemistry, University of Maine

Years Teaching: 29

Special Accomplishments/Interests
Teaching Martial Arts
Serve as Science Officer for the Regional Response Team, Homeland Security

How will you continue to integrate an aspect of GK-12 and your partnership with graduate students into your teaching, philosophy, etc.?
My GK-12 fellow has been great in encouraging and motivating my students to consider various scientific/engineering colleges programs. The network with scientists has allowed exposure to the possibilities for my students. I intend to continue to facilitate student awareness.

How has the GK-12 experience changed you, and how has your participation changes the GK-12 project?
I am more aware of what students need, e.g., computer skills and knowledge of new sensor applications, to succeed in college in the twenty-first century. Also, I am more cognizant of the options available for students to pursue scientific careers. I have expanded the GK-12 program by connecting my GK-12 fellow to the science department at Bucksport Middle School.

Profile date: July 2007
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