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Jonathan Robinson,
NSF Graduate Fellow

NSF GK-12 Project: Western Washington University
Catalysts for Reform
URL: http://gk12.wwu.edu

Thesis Title: Effects of Wave Force and Temperature on Energetics of a Local Abalone

College/University: Western Washington University

Research Advisor: Deb Donovan

Teacher Partner: Lynnelle Larson

Degree Sought  
M.S., Biology, Marine and Estuarine Science Program

University Department and/or Lab  

Research Focus 
I am studying the effects of wave force and sea temperatures on the metabolism of abalone.

Description of Research
In a laboratory setting I am using a wave machine to simulate the forces exerted on an intertidal organism by the push and pull of waves. The magnitude and period of the forces can easily be manipulated to simulate waves of varying strength. I will measure oxygen consumption of the abalone by monitoring dissolved oxygen in the water that has passed over the abalones gills. This can be done via a mask covering the abalones' exhalent holes in their shells. Thus, I can measure the metabolic response of the organism while it is subjected to wave forces and varying temperatures. I hope this will give me insight into the effects of waves and rising sea temperature on an endangered gastropod.

Example of how my research is integrated into my GK-12 experience
My students have a school wide science fair project they are working on. This science fair gives students first had knowledge and experience with the science process. As a scientist I have to conduct the same processes that they are working on. As such I have been using my research to help guide them in their projects. When they are wondering how to write a hypothesis or set up a data table I will use my research and what I am working on as an example.

Profile date: March 2007
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