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Resources: GK-12 Project Implementation Resources

Information Needed
AAAS Project 2061
Do you have studies of, or data on, student learning outcomes as a result of your GK12 project? AAAS Project 2061 is particularly interested in middle and high school students' learning of concepts related to chemical reactions or, more specifically, photosynthesis, but information on other content areas would be useful as well. It would also be helpful to have a description of the extent and nature of the GK-12 fellows' work in the relevant classrooms. Email Mary Koppal with any data you can provide.

Information Needed
Hampshire College
Dr. Charlene D'Avanzo, at Hampshire College, would like contact information for GK-12 graduate fellows who have published articles on their GK-12 work in peer-reviewed journals. Email Dr. D'Avanzo if you have information to share.

I Know It When I See It: Assessing Presentation Skills and Documenting Success
Richard Tankersley
Florida Tech's InSTEP program has developed a protocol for assessing graduate teaching fellows' presentation skills. It consists of:

  • Context and Criteria for Assessing GK-12 Graduate Teaching Fellows' Presentation Skills;
  • Rubric for Assessing GK-12 Graduate Teaching Fellows' Presentation Skills; and
  • Record Sheet for Assessing GK-12 Graduate Teaching Fellows' Presentation Skills.

The purpose is to help fellows effectively present scientific information to non-scientific audiences—students, teachers, parents, community members, or colleagues. The presentation can be a traditional lecture or interactive with audience Q&A. Details on the development and use of the protocol are available on the InStep website, or from Richard Tankersley, InSTEP Director.

Download presentation: [Powerpoint, 12.3 MB] or [Lower-res PDF, 2.2MB]

Tips for Organizing a GK-12 Conference [PDF]
Doug Levey
Thinking about organizing a regional meeting for GK-12 projects? Doug Levey, PI of SPICE, a GK-12 project at the University of Florida, has developed a list of tips that he compiled after organizing his first regional conference.




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