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Project Location: Auburn University (with Tuskegee University)
Project Title: GK-12 Fellows in Science and Mathematics for East Alabama Schools
Area(s) Served: Rural
Identifying Characteristics:  Biological Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Grades:  9-12
Fellows Per Year:  15
Principal Investigator (PI):  Overtoun Jenda
PI Email:  jendaov@auburn.edu
Status:  Active
Project URL: http://www.auburn.edu/diversity/gk12.html
NSF Award Number: 0538434
    Overtoun Jenda
    Associate Provost and Professor
    103 M.W. Smith Hall
    Auburn University
    Auburn, AL, 36849-5168
    Phone: 334-844-4184
    Fax: 334-844-4445
    Email: jendaov@auburn.edu

Project Location: University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
Project Title: Graduate Teaching Fellows in Middle and High School Education
Area(s) Served: Suburban, Urban
Identifying Characteristics:  Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Grades:  6-8, 9-12
Fellows Per Year:  12
Principal Investigator (PI):  Beth Todd
PI Email:  btodd@eng.ua.edu
Status:  Active
Project URL: http://bama.ua.edu/~gk-12
NSF Award Number: 0338312, 0742504
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    Beth Todd
    Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    University of Alabama
    Box 870276
    Tuscaloosa, AL, 35487-0276
    Phone: 205-348-1623
    Fax: 205-348-6419
    Email: btodd@eng.ua.edu

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