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Project Location: Duke University
Project Title: MUSIC-Math Understanding through Science Integrated with Curriculum
Area(s) Served: Urban, Rural
Identifying Characteristics:  Engineering
Grades:  K-2, 3-5, 6-8
Fellows Per Year:  18
Principal Investigator (PI):  Gary Ybarra
PI Email:  gary@duke.edu
Status:  Active
Project URL: http://www.k-phd.duke.edu/music/
NSF Award Number: 9979620, 0338262
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    Paul Klenk
    Program Manager
    Box 90291
    Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Duke University
    Durham, NC, 27708
    Phone: 919-660-9456
    Fax: 919-660-5293
    Email: pak@duke.edu

Project Location: North Carolina State University
Project Title: RAMP-UP (Recognizing Accelerated Mathematics Potential in Underrepresented People
Area(s) Served: Urban
Identifying Characteristics:  Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Grades:  3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Fellows Per Year:  40
Principal Investigator (PI):  Laura Bottomley
PI Email:  laurab@eos.ncsu.edu
Status:  Active
Project URL: http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/k12outreach/rampup
NSF Award Number: 9979583, 0338162
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    Laura Bottomley
    Director, Women in Engineering and K-12 Outreach
    118 Page Hall, Box 7904
    NC State University
    Raleigh, NC, 27511
    Phone: 919-515-2315
    Fax: 919-515-8702
    Email: laurab@eos.ncsu.edu

Project Location: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Project Title: UNC-Charlotte and Phillip O. Berry Technology Cooperative: Graduate Resources for a Technology Academy
Area(s) Served: Urban
Identifying Characteristics:  Biological Sciences, Computer and Information Science, Geosciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Grades:  9-12
Fellows Per Year:  10
Principal Investigator (PI):  James E. Lyons
PI Email:  jelyons@email.uncc.edu
Status:  Active
Project URL: http://education.uncc.edu/cmste/gk12/index.htm
NSF Award Number: 0231833
    James E. Lyons
    Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
    College of Education
    Charlotte, NC, 28223
    Phone: 704-687-8869
    Fax: 704- 687-3216
    Email: jelyons@email.uncc.edu

Project Location: University of North Carolina Wilmington
Project Title: Developing Science Graduate Students into Middle Grade Science Classroom Resources
Area(s) Served: Suburban, Urban
Identifying Characteristics:  Biological Sciences, Other (Chemistry, Earth and Marine Sciences)
Grades:  6-8
Fellows Per Year:  7
Principal Investigator (PI):  Bill Harris
PI Email:  harris@uncw.edu
Status:  Completed
Project URL: http://www.uncw.edu/smec/gk_fellows/index.htm
NSF Award Number: 0139171
    Karen Shafer
    Science and Mathematics Education Center
    5051 New Centre Drive, #201
    University of North Carolina
    Wilmington, NC,
    Phone: 910-962-3168
    Fax: 910-962-4000
    Email: shaferk@uncw.edu

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