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Project Location: University of Puerto Rico
Project Title: From Hectares to Nanometers: Multidisciplinary Explorations of Fundational Nanosciences and Tropical Ecosystems
Area(s) Served: Urban
Identifying Characteristics:  Biological Sciences, Other (Environmental Science, Nanoscience)
Grades:  6-8, 9-12
Fellows Per Year:  8
Principal Investigator (PI):  Gerardo Morell
PI Email:  gerardo.morell@upr.edu
Status:  Active
Project URL: http://gk12.upr.edu
NSF Award Number: 0841338
    Ana-Rita Mayol
    Assistant Professor
    University of Puerto Rico
    Department of Chemistry
    PO Box 233463
    San Juan, PR, 00931
    Phone: 787-763-6108
    Email: armayol@hotmail.com

Project Location: University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Project Title: Graduate and Undergraduate Students Enhancing Science and Technology in K-12 Schools
Area(s) Served: Urban, Rural
Identifying Characteristics:  Biological Sciences, Geosciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Other (Chemistry)
Grades:  K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Fellows Per Year:  12
Principal Investigator (PI):  Juan Lopez-Garriga
PI Email:  sonw@caribe.net
Status:  Active
Project URL: http://sonw.uprm.edu/
NSF Award Number: 0086400, 0338193
Nugget: view nugget
    Ricardo Camacho
    Department of Chemistry, Suite Q 018
    P.O. Box 9019
    University of Puerto Rico
    Mayaguez, PR, 00623
    Phone: 787-265-5453
    Fax: 787-265-5476
    Email: rcamacho@sonw.uprm.edu

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