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September 18-19, 2000, the American Association for the Advancement of Science held a study group meeting in Washington, DC with key researchers, educators and scientists who conduct research on minorities in science, mathematics and engineering (SME) at the undergraduate and graduate levels and in the SME professorial career area.   The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Review what we know about the research on undergraduate, graduate, and faculty career experiences of underrepresented (URM) minorities in science, mathematics, and engineering (SME).
  • Identify gaps in the research base on URM minorities in SME at the undergraduate and graduate levels and in the professorial career area. 
  • Recommend further research questions on minorities in SME at the undergraduate and graduate levels and in the SME professorial career area.
AAAS staff will produce a summary of the meeting before the end of the year.  An electronic version of the summary will be posted in the Special Reports section of this website.

New links to AGEP institutions are shown in the AGEP Universities section.

Under Special Reports, Eleanor Babco, Executive Director of the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology, contributed two reports—one on the status of African Americans in Science and Engineering and one on the status of Hispanics in Science and Engineering.  An additional report, elaborating on the cultural nuances of the various Hispanics groups will be posted on this same site in late December.   A detailed report on the status of American Indians in graduate education will be posted in late December as welll.  Two additional reports, focusing on Asian Americans and women will be available in early 2001.  All reports contain demographic information as well as educational pipeline and employment data.

The 2000 application and award guidelines for the AAAS Mentor Awards are posted under Links and Resources.

Highlights from Workshop 2000:  A National Dialogue to Increase Minority Participation in SEM are posted under special reports.  Partnering with the EMERGE Alliance, chaired by the Georgia Institute of the Technology, and the National Science Foundation, we convened this workshop in Atlanta, GA February 24-26, 2000.   More than 125 participants gathered to facilitate a national dialogue to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in graduate education in SME. Sessions presented at this conference focused on:

  • perspectives from foundations on challenges and issues for minority education programs; 
  • MGE networking—highlights from MGE programs at work (in a poster-session format); 
  • the status of MGE—what does the research tells us; retention and SME departmental climate; 
  • and small group discussions/breakout groups. 
The following individuals either presented data or served as a keynote speaker:


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