AAAS Public Science Day

Public Science Day occurs each year as the opening event for the AAAS Annual Meeting. In 2002, AAAS was pleased to provide students from the Boston Area with an outstanding array of science and mathematics activities. Over 2,000 students spent the morning at the Boston Museum of Science participating in activities and meeting with scientists to learn more about what they do and about careers in science. In the afternoon, TERC provided activities at the Sheraton Hotel for 500 students from afterschool programs . The students were able to ponder about water on Mars, investigate motion, and create their own web page with the results from their experiments.

In 2003, AAAS Public Science Day will be held in Denver, Colorado, with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The museum will work with students from six counties in the Denver Metropolitan area, and design activities focusing on anthropology, archaeology, geology, health, paleontology, space and zoology. Public Science Day will not only provide an opportunity for the Museum to reach a larger number of students, but a great opportunity for students to discover the world of science.



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